Celebrating purpose &
mission-driven work

September 21, 2021


5 Reasons to Enter The Anthem Awards

Entering The Anthem Awards is your chance to establish your brand as a purpose-driven leader, showcase your important work on a global scale, reach new partners, clients and audiences and help set the standard for best in class impact-driven work around the world, and demonstrate your values on important social issues.

  1. PROVE PURPOSE IS CORE TO YOUR BRAND: Being recognized by The Anthem Awards will show your customers, team, partners and audience that purpose is core to your brand. 
  2. INCREASE SALES AND RETAIN CUSTOMERS: 66% of millennials and Gen Z respondents say they are willing to pay more for products and services that come from companies who are committed to positive social and environmental impact.  
  3. REWARD YOUR TEAM AND ATTRACT THE BEST TALENT: When you enter The Anthem Awards, you communicate to your team that their work is valuable enough to compete with the best in the Industry. And if you win, everyone involved with your project achieves success. That’s major for morale and productivity—and great for attracting new talent. 
  4. GAIN MASSIVE PR AND MARKETING EXPOSURE: By entering The Anthem Awards you give your team and work the chance to stand out and reach new audiences on a global stage. 
  5. HELP SET THE STANDARD OF PURPOSE-DRIVEN WORK: This year’s inaugural Anthem winners will set a new benchmark for best in class initiatives across purpose & mission-driven work. 


“In a time where purpose-led organizations are impacting the world in so many new ways, we’re incredibly honored to serve as a foundational partner and recognize mission-driven work across the globe.” – Lisa Sherman President CEO Ad Council