October 20, 2021


The Team Up For Change Initiative

We are proud to highlight the Sacramento Kings history of fighting for meaningful social change. In 2018, the Kings and Milwaukee Bucks launched Team Up for Change as a space for NBA/WNBA teams to unite off the court and confront local issues, inspire leaders in addressing racial justice and to activate their communities to promote education, inclusion, health and economic development.

Team Up for Change is a robust movement that aims to shine a spotlight on local and national movement builders, faith-based leaders, highlight fresh perspectives from young innovators and trusted experts, lift up voices for future engagement, and hear from team leadership on franchise commitments, all with a focus on the intersection between sports, race and the pursuit of more equitable communities.

Read more about this inspiring initiative here. Video recaps of each year can be found here: 2019 summit in Sacramento,  2020 summit in Milwaukee and 2021 virtual summit.


Highlights from the 2021 Virtual Team Up for Change Summit

Team Up For Change Origin Story

Get an inside look at how tragedy inspired the Sacramento Kings to unite with members of the local community, as well as NBA and WNBA teams, in a shared commitment for racial equality and social justice.

Governor’s Call To Action

Leaders from the NBA and WNBA address where we have been and what’s ahead in the continued pursuit of racial equality and social justice.

Economic Empowerment Discussion | Team Up For Change 2020

Cleveland Cavaliers Vice President of Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement Kevin Clayton hosts a dialogue with Danielle Sydnor of the NAACP and LaRese Purnell of CLE Consulting Firm on the challenges Black entrepreneurs face and how the team is working to lift up and partner with Black-owned businesses in surrounding communities.

Police Accountability Discussion | Team Up For Change 2020 

Marisa Renee Lee of The Justice Collaborative takes part in a conversation with Milwaukee Bucks Sideline & Digital Reporter Zora Stephenson on police accountability and policy reform in an effort to create a more just America.

The Importance of Voting Discussion | Team Up For Change 2020

Kings Assistant Coach Doug Christie discusses the importance of registering and exercising the right to vote with Kings forward Harrison Barnes and his wife, Brittany Barnes, who’s the founder of Oakland-based hair and beauty destination GoodBody. Encouraging education around voting, the discussion addresses voter access, suppression issues and how sports teams can play a role in supporting our elections.