Celebrating purpose &
mission-driven work

December 7, 2021


The Impact Series

The Impact Series with our Managing Director Jessica Lauretti, will host conversations with professionals working across our core causes in a live fireside chat.

Episode 01: Responsible Technology

We’re joined by Thomas Scovell of Yes Queen Club, a collection of 10,000 queer NFTs, with a deep dive into inclusivity in the Cryptoverse.


Episode 02: Sustainability, Climate and Environment

We’re joined by Raj Joshi, Founder & CEO of Bridging Ventures on the importance of business leaders driving climate action and key takeaways from COP26.



Episode 03: Human & Civil Rights

This Thursday, we’ll be joined by Soraya Bagheri & Naeim Khanjani of the mission-driven startup @electoanalytics for our Human & Civil Rights cause. Join us for a conversation on public affairs and why access to information is so important.