Judge Spotlight

Meet Anjali Bhimani, Actor, Author, Producer & Anthem Judge

An award-winning actor with notable performances both on screen and onstage, Anjali Bhimani is a multimedia storyteller who has blazed fresh trails for creatives from theatre to voice acting.

Her talent has electrified the gaming sphere—from her role as the vibrant Symmetra in “Overwatch” to her striking voice performance as Rampart in “Apex Legends,” and so much more. Bhimani is also the author of “I Am Fun Size, and So Are YOU!: Thoughts from a Tiny Human on Living a Giant Life,” a collection of reflective essays laying a roadmap for best navigating life’s challenges. 

We spoke with Bhimani to dive into her work, her passion for purpose and amplifying social impact, and get a close look at what she’s expecting to see in the 3rd Annual Anthem Awards.  


For those who are unfamiliar, please tell us about yourself and the work that you do.
I am an actor, author, producer—ultimately a professional storyteller. I’ve worked in multiple media (Broadway, television film, voiceover, video games, animation, live gameplay, streaming, book writing) and one of my guiding forces is the desire to connect people with each other and remind them they are not alone. In all of my work, I want to help people to experience life in a way they might not have been able to before, and to show them how powerful they are (as well as entertain them of course!) so they can take that empowerment out into the world and express it in their own unique ways.


What expertise are you bringing as a judge to the 3rd Annual Anthem Awards?
Just as my artistic goals have always been directly connected to my goals for creating change and supporting causes, I have been keenly aware of how other activists and organizations have used their platforms to make a difference in the world. Whether through individual platforms or entire campaigns, I know how an authentic connection with community and audiences can effectively inspire action and help people in need know that they are not alone. 


What does it take for a social impact campaign to create real-world change?
A focus on creating community and galvanizing that community and inspiring them to take action 


What within today’s advocacy space excites and moves you?
More than ever, it feels like anyone from any background can make a difference—whether through clicks on keyboard or in person activity. The only thing that people need is information on what to do and how to help and people all over the world can share and use their generosity and compassion to help others. 


This year, The Anthem Awards is putting a spotlight on how change is a chain reaction and is often led by intersections across causes. What impact areas are you hoping to see connect more this year?
I would love to see the arts continue to reflect forward motion in diversity and inclusion, and for technology to be a part of both spreading the word within those causes and helping developments in climate change & sustainability. 


What are you looking for among this year’s cohort of impact work?
Passion, creativity, authenticity, and effectiveness.


Is there a project or initiative that you’re working on that you would like to spotlight?
My book, I Am Fun Size and So Are You is still such a dear cause to me—it’s a project that has the singular mission of reminding people they aren’t alone on this journey, and that they have more power than they know. I have an ongoing newsletter at anjalibhimani.com that also seeks to spread more of that mindset and invite people to join a community of artists and dreamers and people of action. 


Is there anything that we might’ve missed that you would like to add?
I am always eager to hear about new and creative ways to be of service in the world. And to champion others in their efforts to do the same—so anyone can email me and my team at info@anjalibhimani.com to share their efforts with me!


To amplify your advocacy to our world-class panel of social impact leaders and innovators—featuring Abigail E. Disney, Boaz Paldi, Mona Chalabi, Alexander Roque, and more—enter the 3rd Annual Anthem Awards by the Extended Entry Deadline on Friday, October 13th! 

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