The 4th Annual Anthem Awards, Entries Open!

Anthem Amplifies

The Anthem Amplifies campaign is an opportunity for all winners to go further and showcase a case study of their work to the greater community and industry. 

How it works

STEP 1: Start by outlining the summary of the project and strategy.  Pick that one defining image that encapsulates the mission and vision of the campaign.

STEP 2: Talk about the Goals or Objectives of the work.  This could be a photo that describes why you do this work or what is challenging about it.

STEP 3: Share the Results & Impact.  Include photos of your event or fundraising drive, something that shows the results of your work in the community impacted.

STEP 4: Add a photo of your team working on your winning project or celebrating their hard work! 

*Please Note: All of the above content was part of your entry submission.

Social Media Templates

To help your team craft your story, we have made a simple set of social templates for you to use.


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