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What to Support, Watch, Read, and Listen To this Juneteenth

In honor of the historic holiday, dive into our picks on how you can celebrate Juneteenth—online and off. Image Credit: Clay Banks

Also known as “Freedom Day,” Juneteenth marks the liberation of the over 250,000 African Americans who were still enslaved in Galveston, Texas, despite the Emancipation Proclamation taking effect two years prior. A monumental celebration of sovereignty, the holiday is a proud mark—and reminder—of Black communities’ right to self-determination.

At The Anthem Awards, we recognize that the fight for Black liberation is ongoing. Here’s how you can get involved, and explore some of the Webby Group’s picks on what to watch, stream and read this Juneteenth.

Who to Support 📣

  • EatOkra for Black-owned restaurants
  • Building Black Bedstuy, a cooperative fighting to preserve BedStuy’s Black community and roots
  • Reparations.Club, a Black-owned concept bookshop and LA-based creative space
  • Dream Defenders, a Black and Brown coalition empowering change for marginalized communities
  • Noname Book Club, a nationwide initiative opening access to political education by curating books on justice & liberation
  • We Build Black, creating pathways to success for Black technologists
  • For The Gworls, a life-saving fund for Black Trans people’s rent and gender-affirming surgery
  • Black Women Writers Project, celebrating the legacies of Black women and gender-expansive writers

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Patagonia – Don’t Buy This Jacket

Patagonia has put social impact at the core of their brand mission and values from the start, and their iconic Don’t Buy This Jacket campaign demonstrates how brands can use their platform to make an impact — or better yet, to help reduce our impact. This 2011 ad ran in the New York Times on Black Friday, making a lasting impression for its bold message addressing the issue of consumerism head on and asking readers to take the Common Threads Initiative pledge to reduce, repair, reuse, recycle, and reimagine a world where we take only what nature can replace.

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Ad Council’s Love Has No Labels Movement

Love Has No Labels is a movement by The Ad Council to promote diversity, equity and inclusion of all people across race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age and ability.

Read our Q&A with Heidi Arthur, the Ad Council’s Chief Campaign Development Officer on the team behind LHNL collaborates with partners to combat implicit bias—from crafting PSAs to driving viewers to take action, to how brands and companies should approach corporate social responsibility with authenticity.

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