Judge Spotlight

Meet Adrion Porter, Anthem Judge and Founder of Mid-Career Mastery

Discover what Adrion Porter, renowned keynote speaker, age diversity advocate, and Anthem Judge, is looking for in the work this season of The Anthem Awards.

We’re thrilled to welcome Adrion Porter, our newest juror to join the Anthem Judging Academy. A renowned advocate and speaker, Porter is the founder of Mid-Career Mastery, a professional growth platform empowering mid-career folks and organizations to harness their talents and make an impact. Porter also developed The Malaise to Mastery Map™, a framework for getting unstuck at mid-career and mid-life. We spoke with Porter to dive deeper into his work and find out what he’s expecting to see from this year’s entries to the 3rd Annual Anthem Awards.  

For those who are unfamiliar, please tell us about yourself and the work that you do.

My name is Adrion Porter, and I am a speaker, advisor, age diversity advocate, and the founder of Mid-Career Mastery, a premier professional growth platform for organizations and people in the middle (e.g., mid-career, midlife, 40-plus).

I founded Mid-Career Mastery not only as a platform but also as a movement to deliver on a North Star purpose—to eliminate the mid-career/midlife malaise, so people in their middle years can truly maximize their impact at work and on the world. 

I am also the creator and host of the Gen X Amplified podcast and the creator of the #FabulousOver40 Spotlight Series on LinkedIn, which showcases a selection of inspirational leaders making a meaningful impact on the world at midlife. 


What expertise are you bringing as a judge to the 3rd Annual Anthem Awards? 

In addition to my work as a diversity advocate and the creator of the “Malaise to Mastery” movement, I am bringing my resolve and unyielding passion for creating a massive impact on the world as a judge for this 3rd Annual Anthem Awards. 


What does it take for a social impact campaign to create real-world change?
It definitely takes the power of community to create and amplify real-world social impact. Ideas are just that… ideas. But only through the exponential power of relationships and community can those ideas truly flourish and influence action.  


What within today’s advocacy space excites and moves you? 

I love that age diversity and inclusion advocacy is starting to strengthen its shape in the broader social impact sphere. I am definitely doing my part in that space through Mid-Career Mastery, #FabulousOver40, Gen X Amplified, and other platforms that I oversee.  


Is there a recent campaign or grassroots effort that inspired you? What about that project made a lasting impression?

I am significantly inspired by Operation HOPE’s 1 Million Black Businesses (1MBB) initiative. Operation HOPE is the nation’s leading non-profit dedicated to financial empowerment for underserved communities. The mission of its award-winning 1MBB initiative is to help start, grow, and scale one million Black businesses by 2030.

The commitment from the team at Operation HOPE to deliver on that mission is both impressive and inspirational. 


This year, The Anthem Awards is putting a spotlight on how change is a chain reaction and is often led by intersections across causes. What impact areas are you hoping to see connect more this year? 

I would love to see the intersection of diversity along with new and novel advances in technology. The way to facilitate large-scale change and impact is through technology. How those worlds overlap will be important in the now and beyond.  


What kind of work are you most excited to review in the new season?  

I am excited to see any work that has a fresh and inspirational perspective for massive and meaningful impact. Especially work that is topical and relevant to today’s most important challenges and opportunities.  


What are you looking for among this year’s cohort of impact work? 

I am particularly looking for entries that not only inspire everyone towards purpose-driven impact, but also capture the soul and imagination of others. In order to drive meaningful change, it is critical to inspire and empower others to take action. 


Is there a project or initiative that you’re working on that you would like to spotlight?

I am very excited about the work through my platform Mid-Career Mastery, as the premier strategic thought partner for organizations and their mid-career talent.

That includes speaking, teaching, and presenting to organizations around the world my signature model, The Malaise to Mastery Map™, which is an actionable framework for getting unstuck at mid-career, midlife, or any age.

The mission of Mid-Career Mastery is also focused on the following priorities including, but not limited to:

– Solutions to address career burnout and stress
– Storytelling and personal brand frameworks
– Mutual mentorship programs for multigenerational teams
– Executive and mid-career coaching
– Eliminating ageism in the workplace
– Amplify and accelerate underrepresented mid-career talent (i.e., women, people of color, etc.)

To amplify your impact work to industry leading advocates and changemakers—and position it on a global stage—enter the 3rd Annual Anthem Awards by the Extended Entry Deadline on Friday, October 15th! 

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