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Meet the Finalists of the 3rd Annual Anthem Awards

In celebration of our Inaugural Anthem Community Voice Celebration, we’ve rounded up a few of our remarkable 2023 Anthem Finalists below and dove into the work. Head to celebrate.anthemawards.com to champion their advocacy!

The social impact space in 2023 has never been more interconnected and nuanced, all due to the 2023 Anthem Finalists’ remarkable and impactful work. The projects we’ve seen in the 3rd Annual Anthem Awards represent the spectrum of advocacy—from global calls for justice, equality and liberation, to initiatives addressing and rebuilding from global warming. We are honored to champion these incredible minds and thrilled to celebrate their work in our Inaugural Anthem Community Voice Celebration

We’ve rounded up a few to highlight the changes they mobilized and the communities they’ve impacted through their relentless advocacy. Read on to take a closer look at our 2023 Anthem Finalists and celebrate the transformations they’ve ignited.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We See You: Inspiring Women. Powerful Stories By Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper 

In celebration of Women’s History Month, Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper teamed up with Cole Haan to spotlight four remarkable multimedia artists who craft work with community and heritage at heart. Each of the four creators in the initiative “We See You: Inspiring Women. Powerful Stories” centers on untold narratives of the women of color who came before them, to foster a community founded on their remarkable history. 

Celebrate their work here!


Education, Art & Culture

Introducing: SesameWorkshop.org 

Sesame Workshop, the global nonprofit behind Sesame Street, gave its website a brand new look and feel to create digital access to its collection of impactful resources. For over 50 years, they’ve developed content and programs focused on enriching young minds and expanding their worldview. 

Celebrate their work here!



Post-Roe America by The Nocturnists

In the wake of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade in 2022, The Nocturnists embarked on a journey to explore the true magnitude of the decision through the podcast “Post-Roe America.” Each episode features personal and professional accounts from abortion providers across the nation—from Oklahoma to Texas, Tennessee and beyond. It also explores the nuanced issues that continue to create a barrier to accessing safe and legal abortions.

Celebrate their work here!


Human & Civil Rights

Let Your Inner Elton Out by The Elton John AIDS Foundation  

For over three decades, the Elton John AIDS Foundation has raised awareness and advocated for the crucial issue that claims hundreds of thousands of lives every year. To continue their legacy of advocating for communities vulnerable to HIV/AIDS, they launched the campaign Let Your Inner Elton Out. The initiative mobilized thousands to support the foundation, raise awareness and fight for destigmatization and justice for impacted individuals. 

Celebrate their work here!


Humanitarian Action & Services

The World Central Kitchen Cookbook – Feeding Humanity, Feeding Hope 

A celebration of perseverance, The World Central Kitchen Cookbook is a first-of-its-kind book highlighting recipes and narratives sourced from places the WCK Relief Team has cooked for. It’s an inspiring collection of what strength looks like in the face of hunger, seen through a lens of celebrating local cuisine and the historical narrative that shaped it. 

Celebrate their work here!


Responsible Technology

The Love Me Not Initiative by Neon, An IPG Health Company

To give space to all varied and complex experiences of domestic violence, Neon launched the Love Me Not campaign. The initiative shines a spotlight on the range of ways it manifests and directs those who need support to resources that fit their individual and nuanced contexts. 

Celebrate their work here!


Sustainability, Environment & Climate

The Nature Conservancy’s Nature Lab 

Our climate future is determined by how closely we protect nature. The Nature Conservancy is leading the next generation of climate activists and scientists through its digital Nature Lab. It’s a curriculum for students across K-12 teaching the fundamentals of nature, the science behind it and what we can do to protect it. 

Celebrate their work here!


The Finalists of the 3rd Annual Anthem Awards are Announced!  

The Anthem Awards is thrilled to announce our 2023 Finalists and amplify their advocacy in the Inaugural Anthem Community Voice Celebration! Featuring outstanding work from GLAAD, Ad Council, UNICEF, Audible, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Crooked Media, ACLU, Mozilla Foundation, 72andSunny, World Surf League, National Geographic Society, Givebutter, Google, Al Jazeera Digital, American Red Cross, World Wildlife Fund and World Economic Forum among many others. 

Head to celebrate.anthemawards.com to discover transformative purpose-driven work and meet all our Anthem Finalists!

Patagonia – Don’t Buy This Jacket

Patagonia has put social impact at the core of their brand mission and values from the start, and their iconic Don’t Buy This Jacket campaign demonstrates how brands can use their platform to make an impact — or better yet, to help reduce our impact. This 2011 ad ran in the New York Times on Black Friday, making a lasting impression for its bold message addressing the issue of consumerism head on and asking readers to take the Common Threads Initiative pledge to reduce, repair, reuse, recycle, and reimagine a world where we take only what nature can replace.

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Ad Council’s Love Has No Labels Movement

Love Has No Labels is a movement by The Ad Council to promote diversity, equity and inclusion of all people across race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age and ability.

Read our Q&A with Heidi Arthur, the Ad Council’s Chief Campaign Development Officer on the team behind LHNL collaborates with partners to combat implicit bias—from crafting PSAs to driving viewers to take action, to how brands and companies should approach corporate social responsibility with authenticity.

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