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The Most Impactful Organizations Recognized in the 3rd Annual Anthem Awards

A roundup of 2024 Anthem Winners who are tackling society’s most pressing issues, within nonprofits, and across brand and agency work, including our Of The Year winners. 

During a year in which so much is both at stake and under attack, organizations are meeting the moment. From nonprofit and foundations to purpose-driven businesses and agencies, teams around the world are creating solutions to society’s most important issues. Through sparking important dialogues and producing resources for vulnerable communities, Anthem Winners are on the frontlines of change. This year, we were blown away by projects from organizations of all sizes, including our Nonprofit of the Year: AARP, Agency of the Year: NEON and Brand of the Year: PepsiCo.  

Explore their work below, along with standout projects from other 2024 Anthem Awards Winners across the nonprofit, business and advertising spaces.


Nonprofit Of The Year: AARP

Selected by leading change makers in the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences, the inaugural Anthem Nonprofit of the Year Award recognizes AARP. With 4 Gold, 7 Silver, and 10 Bronze Anthem Award wins AARP is continuing to promote its mission of empowering people to choose how they live as they age through incredibly thoughtful, informational, and heartfelt content. See their projects and a few other Anthem winners in the nonprofit space. 

Real People, Real Stories Series by AARP 


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion – Awareness & Media 

AARP’s social media series recognizes the actions of ordinary individuals from all walks of life, to celebrate how their choices have positively impacted their communities. Real People, Real Stories zeroes in mostly on elders and their caregivers, who go above and beyond to improve the quality of life for older, underserved individuals. 

image description: screenshot of AARP article. text reads: "older adults recall life before the highway"

Before the Highway by AARP 


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion – Awareness & Media – Book, Story or Feature 

In Before the Highway, older populations recall memories of their neighborhoods before highways destroyed them. Following the introduction of the interstate highway system in 1956, its designated routes uprooted predominantly Black and poor communities across the U.S. Thousands of homes and businesses were bulldozed, leading to lasting socioeconomic inequities that impacted generations to come. AARP’s newsletter series allows elders from St. Petersburg, Chattanooga, Rochester, Houston and more to share their testimonies, shedding light on the human cost of American infrastructure. 

Change the Narrative, Change the World by Define American 


Education, Art & Culture – Awareness & Media – Research Projects & Publications 

The team at Define American knows that television and media shape the lenses through which we view the world. Diverse representation of experiences, whether in theaters or on digital screens, can teach viewers to have empathy for those with differing worldviews than their own. Change the Narrative, Change the World aimed to understand how immigrant characters are currently represented in television, reveal its impact on US viewers, and call the industry to do better.

Food Rescue Hero


Product, Innovation or Service – Sustainability, Environment & Climate – Best Use of Technology 

The US suffers from food insecurity, and yet, nearly 40% of food produced goes to waste. Moreover, about 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions can be traced back to energy spent on wasted food. To mitigate this, the Food Rescue Hero app coordinates food recovery action with its group of volunteers to allocate food to vulnerable communities. Since launching in 2016, it has facilitated 500,000 rescues, deliver 160 million pounds of food to those in need.

Agency Of The Year: NEON 

NEON has been named the inaugural Anthem Agency of the Year. With 7 Gold and 3 Silver Anthem Award wins Neon’s impactful, beautiful, and shocking storytelling is making a difference through their Code Red and Love Me Not projects. See their work, alongside other purpose-driven projects by agencies.

Love Me Not by Neon, An IPG Health Company 


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion – Awareness & Media – Nonprofit Campaign

Domestic violence is a large issue in the United States; on average, a number of 24 people per minute experience domestic violence and yet, less than 40% of people have access to resources. To bring awareness to the complexities of domestic violence, Neon launched the Love Me Not campaign, complete with out of home advertising, and a microsite to show what abuse looks like and provide access to digital resources.

image description: Red circle against white background. Text reads: Code Red

Code Red by Neon, An IPG Health Company


Health – Awareness & Media – Stunt or Guerilla Marketing

In another project focusing on domestic violence, Neon zeroed in on the insight that domestic violence disproportionately affects women – over 30% of women in the US have experienced it. Moreover, women are often under coercive control, watched closely by partners and isolated from communities that can help them exit abusive situations. Code Red created products with life-saving messages, safe from the gaze of most abusers, on period products. Learn more about the campaign.

image description: patient laying on table while nurse extracts blood from their arm.

Getting Gen Z to Bleed for Limited Edition Merch by MONO 


Health – Awareness & Media – Stunt or Guerilla Marketing 

In 2022, the world faced an extreme blood shortage. Over 37,000 blood drives were canceled, due, in part, to college campuses operating remotely. To make up for lost time, and lost blood, MONO partnered with The American Red Cross to target the prime donor population: Gen Z. Together they launched “Drop For Drop,a campaign aimed at getting young people to donate blood by offering them the opportunity to receive limited edition merch by streetwear designers.

Dinner With Goop by Edelman


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion – Awareness & Media – Best Influencer Collaboration

GOOP founder Gwenyth Paltrow has become a popular advocate for clean eating. So when she falsely labeled monosodium glutamate (MSG) as harmful, it scared many people in the US away from a signature ingredient in Asian cuisines. Moreover, it negatively impacted Ajinomoto, the food company behind MSG. To combat this, Edelman and Ajinomoto launched #DinnerWithGoop. They made Gwenyth Paltrow the influencer of a campaign about MSG safety without actually hiring her. Even more, they invited her to a dinner to discuss MSG over an umami-filled menu.

Brand Of The Year: PepsiCo.

This year’s Brand of the Year Award goes to PepsiCo, after the food, snack and beverage corporation won 3 Silver and 4 Bronze Anthem Awards. From the work of the PepsiCo Foundation to the company’s global efforts to uplift diverse voices and its inclusive marketing campaigns, PepsiCo is setting a new standard as a socially conscious brand. See their projects and a few other brands making social impact work.

Pure Leaf “No” Grants by PepsiCo. 


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion – Community Engagement Categories – Branded Campaign 

PepsiCo-owned brand Pure Leaf launched the “No” Grants in support of women saying no to unrealistic expectations of them. This campaign, which included journalist and television host Elaine Welteroth, was launched in conjunction with a $1 million commitment to fund initiatives that dismantle systemic barriers women face in their lives. Their campaign drove viewers to apply for a grant; last year, Pure Leaf’s committed a total of $400K in support of women’s goals.

Journey to Zero Hunger Podcast by PepsiCo Foundation, Food for Good


Humanitarian Action & Services – Awareness & Media – Podcast or Audio

The global hunger crisis is reaching its zenith, with an estimated 333 million people facing acute hunger around the world. In season 2 of the Journey to Zero Hunger Podcast, PepsiCo Foundation President C.D. Glin invites listeners to explore the global hunger crisis. Explore the podcast, and hear stories from individuals who are combatting the crisis with tangible solutions. 

World Surf League


Sustainability, Environment & Climate – Awareness & Media – Nonprofit Campaign 

World Surf League, a governing body for professional surfers, has a long history of organizing environmental actions. Through their WSL One Ocean initiative, they have mobilized a coalition of more than 100 organizations to take part in these actions. Moreover, the #SpeakUpForTheOcean campaign highlights their impact across 10 global events; to date, WSL has funded 16 local projects, removed 2 tons of plastic from rivers in El Salvador and Brazil, engaged 1,635 volunteers and planted more than 360,000 trees.

image description: AI-generated image of Bayt Nabala, Palestine before 1948

Recreating a Palestinian village 75 years after the Nakba by Al Jazeera Digital


Human & Civil Rights – Awareness & Media – Best Use of AI

In 1948, more than 750,000 Palestinians were displaced and thousands lost their lives during the creation of Israel. Left in the wake of the Nakba were the ruins of 530 villages, and memories of all that was lost. Seventy-five years later, in May 2023, Al Jazeera recreated one of those villages, Bayt Nabala, and stories from both survivors and descendants. Using AI-generated representations of what Bayt Nabala looked like, with documented history of events, Al Jazeera’s project brings to life the stories, the past and present that continue to shape Palestinian identity.

image description: photo of diverse non profit leaders against blue background. text reads: LinkedIn Impact Summit.

LinkedIn for Nonprofits | Impact Summit 2023 by LinkedIn 


Humanitarian Action & Services – Awareness & Media – Event

Hosted for the second year, the LinkedIn for Nonprofits Impact Summit was a hybrid event bringing together global nonprofit professionals. Featuring sessions with change makers like Malala Yousafzai and leaders from LinkedIn, the event showed leaders how they can use LinkedIn to build more diverse teams, find and connect with donors and use emerging technologies to grow.

The Winners of the 3rd Annual Anthem Awards have been announced! Dive into the most impactful projects in our Winners Gallery, featuring work from Elton John AIDS Foundation, UNICEF,Planned Parenthood, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, World Wildlife Fund, It Gets Better Project, SiriusXM Podcast Network, Rare Beauty, World Food Program USA, and ACLU.

Patagonia – Don’t Buy This Jacket

Patagonia has put social impact at the core of their brand mission and values from the start, and their iconic Don’t Buy This Jacket campaign demonstrates how brands can use their platform to make an impact — or better yet, to help reduce our impact. This 2011 ad ran in the New York Times on Black Friday, making a lasting impression for its bold message addressing the issue of consumerism head on and asking readers to take the Common Threads Initiative pledge to reduce, repair, reuse, recycle, and reimagine a world where we take only what nature can replace.

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Ad Council’s Love Has No Labels Movement

Love Has No Labels is a movement by The Ad Council to promote diversity, equity and inclusion of all people across race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age and ability.

Read our Q&A with Heidi Arthur, the Ad Council’s Chief Campaign Development Officer on the team behind LHNL collaborates with partners to combat implicit bias—from crafting PSAs to driving viewers to take action, to how brands and companies should approach corporate social responsibility with authenticity.

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