June 11, 2021


Meet The Anthem Awards Managing Director, Jessica Lauretti

Jessica Lauretti is an impact executive with expertise developing and launching new marquee brands & ventures to help grow some of the best companies and organizations in the world. Her professional career spans key roles in media and tech at RYOT, Purpose and VICE as well as a decade of experience working in the arts and education as a singer in This Frontier Needs Heroes as well as Program Director & Teaching Artist with Tribeca Film Institute, Museum of the Moving Image and City Parks Foundation. She works to bridge culture & impact and has been featured on CNN with Marnie the Dog on Earth Day, profiled by The New York Times & spoken at the United Nations.

Inaugural Anthem Awards Managing Director, Jessica Lauretti



Over the course of the past 20 years we have witnessed a massive cultural shift.   The technological revolution has disrupted our individual relationship to the planet and the social media revolution has disrupted our relationship to communication and one another.  The past 10 years have seen an increased escalation of this trend, with a contemporary focus and landmark victories across climate, human & civil rights, equality and more.

These factors have ushered in a new era of consumer and corporate transparency and accountability.  We’ve seen a shift toward experiences over material possessions as well as a new lack of trust in our institutions and government. As a result, individuals, organizations and corporations have become de-facto leaders and trust, authenticity & attention are the currency of the day.

The numbers reflect this societal shift and show that the public is demanding this change and putting their dollars behind their actions.


It’s clear that the future is about partnership and collaboration and in developing and producing products, services and experiences that impact the world and make people’s lives better.  

Over the course of these past 20 years, I’ve worked at the intersection of culture and impact from the arts, to education programs, documentary films, social impact & political campaigns, tech for good, social entrepreneurship and impact finance.  I’ve witnessed this revolution first hand, and 2020 has marked a defining moment in history, where social impact has emerged from a secondhand consideration to become the prevalent voice of mainstream culture.

It feels appropriate at this time to recognize and celebrate the work of millions of individuals, organizations and entrepreneurs all working tirelessly to reimagine and rebuild the existing structures and dynamics of our society and fight for what they believe in with creativity, passion and innovation.  We aim to honor humans working across Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Education, Arts & Culture, Health, Human and Civil Rights, Humanitarian Actions & Services, Responsible Tech, and Sustainability, Climate & Environment.

I am honored to lead the Anthem Awards and be a part of this shift of what we as a society deem as valuable and worthy of an honor.  I welcome you to share your voice and join the Anthem.


Jessica Lauretti

Managing Director,

The Anthem Awards